Who We Are

Anjani Mashelkar Foundation

Dr. R A Mashelkar has been a world-class researcher, a transformative leader, a pioneer behind major movements and an influential thought leader in shaping Science, Technology and Innovation in India and beyond.

Dr. Mashelkar started the Anjani Mashelkar Foundation in 2011 on the behest of his late mother whose last wish for Dr Mashelkar was to keep improving the lives of the disadvantaged, excluded and resource poor people of the world through the power of science and technology.

What We Do

Solving grand challenges
through inclusive innovation

Inequality is still one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. While it might take decades to bridge the income inequality for all Indians, we could achieve ‘access equality’ by ensuring Indians get access to basic necessities and are ‘included’. ‘Inclusive Innovation’ is the solution to India’s challenges.

Anjani Mashelkar Foundation aims to solve India’s grand challenges and save lives through disruptive, high-technology and ultra-affordable innovations. The foundation largely focuses on innovations in the healthcare sector owing to the quantum of challenges and potential impact.

AMF unveils, cultivates and accelerates ‘inclusive innovations’ to solve healthcare challenges and achieve impact.

How Do We Do It?

Accelerating inclusive innovations through partner-intensive models


Funding through ‘patient capital’ from investors and accelerators

Government Collaborations

Partnerships with central and state governments for impact

Market Access

Scale through strategic partnerships with the right companies for GTM and impact

Outreach Support

Outreach with the biggest corporate foundations and NGOs

Research, Talent and Tech Development

Access to great quality research, tech. infrastructure and talent

Dedicated to Saving Lives

Portfolio of Inclusive Innovations at AMF

Eye-health monitoring
Robotic scavenging
Surgical, wound, trauma care
Metabolic disorders screening
Anemia screening
Maternal and Infant monitoring
Respiratory disorders screening
Heart health screening
Oral cancer screening
Patient safety and remote monitoring
Breast cancer screening
Kidney disorders screening